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LED bulbs are widely used for commercial and decorative lighting  such as, houses, shops, hotels, residential area, offices, meeting rooms, exhibition halls, advertising board, the outlook of the wall of the building, show board outside the bar or hotel, decoration of stage, hospitals, restaurant/ coffee house, churches, show windows, showroom, galleries and more. Consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs. High brigthness with powerfull LED light source to achieve the illumination purpose. High quality with good design. Lower power consumption and lower maintenance cost, energy saving, superior long life span, environment friendly. No flicker and no UV radiation.

LED down ligths are widely used for interior/exterior decorative, accent and general lighting such as, houses, offices, shopping malls, residentials, hotels, meeting rooms, shooting light, showing and wall light, retail stores, exhibition halls, hospitals and more. Adopt 1W-2W high power LED. High brightness and efficiency, save energy, environment friendly, lower consumption and maintenance cost, quick and easy to install. Instant on, no warm up time required and no flickering. Unique heat sink design, elegant shape with good appearance. Beam angle adjustable, recessed mounted and dimming function available.

LED flood lights are applied in street, square, tunnel, park/garden, plaza, stadiums, factories, lawns, parking lots, buildings, docks and some other outdoor places where need illumination lighting and lights decoration. Using high power ceramic multi chip LED. High quality aluminium body, patented cooling body design, anodizing tensile reflector, acrylic light source enclosure. The unique thermal design and the power supply box is a perfect combination, reasonably using movement of air from all directions, effectively improving heat conduation therby reducing the lamp body temperature so that LED could be in the best working environment in order to ensure light and power supply life. With constant current voltage control circuit, overcome the light instability because of no using ballast. Avoiding brighting stimulus and fatique to eyes in working. LED flood lights can make dynamic and beautiful scenes, environment friendly, high brightness and efficiency, energy saving, ultra shock resistant, lower consumption, quick and easy to install. The materials using die casting aluminium crust, high intensity toughened glass cover, high purity aluminium reflector, single high powerful LED light source, and high efficiency LED driver.

LED tube lights are widely used for interior decorative, accent and general lighting such as, houses, supermarkets, retail store use, offices, closet illumination, edge lighting, factories, cover lighting, meeting rooms, storage rooms, under counter lighting, uninterrupted emergency lighting, bus, shuttle, railcar passenger interior and more. Independent R&D constant flow driving power source, ensure the stable product performance. Solid state, high shock/vibration resistant. Instant soft start, no noise and no flickering. Quick and easy installation. For indoor use and applicable for dry environment.

LED industrial lights or high bay are perfect for use on high ceiling application such as, workshops, storehouses, warehouses, factories, gas station, toll station, supermarkets and more. These lights offer maximum light output by using a fraction of the energy of a typical high pressure sodium or metal halide high bay light. Environment friendly, high brigthness and efficiency, extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance and have a long life expectancy. Instant on, no warm up time required and no flickering. The quality of light can have a dramatic effect on a workplace atmosphere. The materials using anodic oxidation reflector and the design of patent high body, acrylic glass cover, single high powerful LED light source, and high efficiency stable LED driver.









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